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46 Forex pairs, 24 Indices and 21 Commodities


About Forex

The foreign exchange (Forex or FX) market is the most traded marketin the world with an average daily turnover of approximately 5,3trillion USD. Exchange rates are formed by the simultaneous purchase and sales of two different currencies (currency pair). Exchange rates are determined by supply and demand of each currency which is influenced by many factors such as world economic and political events, interest rates, trade and speculation.

The forex market is accessible 24 hours a day, and it operates through a global network of private entities, corporations and banks. Its nonstop operation offers you a unique opportunity: instant reaction to latest financial news.

Forex is the unique combination of trading, investing and exchanging currencies according to specific rates. With its huge trading volume, global presence, the low trading fees compared to other financial markets, and the use of leverage for profit margin increase make the Forex market unparalleled.


Advantages of trading with Forex on SENSEI markets Inc.

Market open 24 hours from 23:00 CET Sunday to 22:00 CET Friday

Leverage up to 100:1

Lot size: starting already from 0,01 lot - micro lot

Trade as many as 46 forex pairs

Hedging and scalping: Yes - available in all styles

Account currency base: Choose from EUR or USD

Minimum deposit: 100 EUR or USD

Tight spreads and NO re-quotes

NO commissions and NO hidden costs

About Indices

An index is an imaginary portfolio of securities representing a particular market or a portion of it.
Usually, those are the securities which are the most traded on the market and which have the highest turnover.

Each index has its own calculation methodology and is usually expressed in terms of a change from a base value. Thus, the percentage change is more important than the actual numeric value.

Most equity Indices are cited either in financial news or by financial services providers. They are used to measure investment portfolio performance (e.g. mutual funds), and indicate investor sentiment on the economy as a whole.

Widely used by both financial professionals and individual investors, trading on multiple Indices offers a wide diversification of industrial sectors and national economies.


Advantages of trading with Indices on SENSEI markets Inc.

We offer you 24 indices from American, European and Asia-Pacific markets

Cost-effective and direct access to the global equity markets

No extra fees or commissions

About Commodities

commoditiesCommodities – the oldest market in the world because the first stock exchange trading Commodities was created as early as the XII. century!

With Commodities markets of the XXI century, you can participate in the global trends of oil and gold prices from home, anytime you want. And do not worry, there is no physical delivery.

The history of Commodities trading starts with the agricultural traditions of the early civilizations. Nowadays, raw or primary products such as gold, silver and oil are exchanged on the Commodities markets, using highly sophisticated electronic trading systems. The significant part of the market turnover is constituted by companies that sell or buy goods in direct relation to their actual economic activity, such as mines, farmers and heavy industry.

Commodities can be traded both on regulated stock exchanges, typically using futures contracts for speculative purposes, and on the OTC market, for example using Contracts for Difference.

Commodities prices are related to the important economic factors on an international scale, such as inflation and economic conditions. The more dynamic the global economical development is, the higher the demand is for energy, represented by the markets such as oil and gas, agricultural products, luxurious or high-end technological products made of gold and silver and other.

The world’s biggest physical Commodities stock exchange is in New York (NYMEX).

Commodities markets have experienced a dynamic growth of turnover during the first decade of the XXI century, as OTC derivatives.

Advantages of trading with Commodities on SENSEI markets Inc.

With all our trading platforms, you can trade the most popular Commodities such as oil, gold, silver and wheat.

We offer 21 different commodities from all the main groups, including Industrial Metals, Precious Metals, Energy, Agriculture and Other

We use different qoutes sources in order to give our clients best quotes and range of Commodities (among others Chicago Mercantile Exchange CBOT, International Exchange ICE, London Metal Exchange LME and others)

About Equity CFDs

CFDs (Contracts for Difference) are based on a two-party agreement (between buyer and seller) to exchange the difference between the opening and the closing price of a financial instrument according to specific conditions. CFDs are trading instruments suitable for speculation on several financial instruments, including equity indices, energies, commodities and metals without actually owning them.

You can go long (buy) when you expect a rise in the market prices, or go short (sell) when you anticipate a fall in the market prices, and increase your profits in line with the price falls.

In anticipation of potential loss in your portfolio value, CFDs can be used to offset loss by going short. Especially in volatile markets, portfolio hedging is a great advantage of CFDs. Supposing you have Johnson&Johnson shares worth USD$10,000, for instance, you can sell the USD$ 10,000 equivalent of these shares through a CFD trade. In case Johnson&Johnson prices have a 10% fall in value in the market, the loss in value of your shares can be balanced by the gain in your CFDs.

As leveraged products, CFDs mean potential return on investment through high leverage. They enable you to open your position by paying only a small fraction of the total contract value. It is also true, however, that the market can move against you and potentially increase your losses.


Advantages of trading with CFDs on SENSEI markets Inc.

Ideal also for beginner traders due to low deposits

Going short and even gaining profit from falling prices

We charge 0.08% commission

We offer you 403 CFDs from Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain, UK and USA

Instruments are available according to the schedule of the stock exchange the quotations were taken from

Stock Exchange: Bolsa de Madrid, Bolsa Italiana, Deutsche Borse AG (Xetra), Euronext Paris, London Stock Exchange, NYSE, NASDAQ, Prague Stock Exchange, Budapest Stock Exchange

About ETFs

Exchange traded Fund – ETF is a security that tracks an index, a commodity or a basket of assets like an index fund, but trades like a stock on an exchange. ETFs experience price changes throughout the day as they are bought and sold.

Because it trades like a stock, an ETF does not have its net asset value (NAV) calculated every day like a mutual fund does.

By owning an ETF, you get the diversification of an index fund as well as the ability to sell short, buy on margin and purchase as little as one share. Another advantage is that the expense ratios for most ETFs are lower than those of the average mutual fund. When buying and selling ETFs, you have to pay the same commission to your broker that you’d pay on any regular order.

One of the most widely known ETFs is called the Spider (SPDR), which tracks the S&P 500 index and trades under the symbol SPY.

The main difference between ETFs and other types of index funds is that ETFs don’t try to outperform their corresponding index, but simply replicate its performance. They don’t try to beat the market, they try to be the market.

ETFs have been around since the early 1980s, but they’ve come into their own within the past 10 years.


Advantages of trading with ETFs on SENSEI markets Inc.

We offer you 54 ETFs from both American and European market for ETF. Our markets are: NYSE ACRA, NASDAQ, BATS Exchange, Euronext Paris, Chi-X Europe

We charge 0.08% commission

Every instrument is not available at the same time, depending on the schedule of the stock exchange the quotations were taken from

About Binary Options

An option is a type of a financial instrument classed as derivatives because they derive their value from an underlying asset. The option gives its holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy or to sell some asset (underlying) on or before the options expiration at an agreed price, the strike price.

Binary Options are options that pay either fixed amount or nothing depending on whether or not certain condition is fulfilled when the option expires. They are traded mainly on OTC markets, and they are similar to a standard call option, except the payoff at expiration is fixed.

Binary Options have become widely popular during the last two years. The main reason for this, is that they offer high profit returns and they are easy to trade.

Binary Options are generally simpler to trade because they require only a sense of direction of the price movement of the underlying asset and they have controlled risk to reward ratio, meaning the risk and reward are pre-determined.


Advantages of trading with binary Options on SENSEI markets Inc.

We have Up-Down binary options in our Basic, Standard and PRO account.

Minimum investment per trade is 10 EUR

Limited losses, fast execution and a potential of profit in any market conditions

You can trade with 34 different binary options: 16 currency pairs, 11 indices and 7 commodities

It has a potential of 70% profit, which is a high potential return in a short time period

From 1 up to 60 minutes binary options give you the possibility of returns from relatively small market movements

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